Show jumping surfaces for show jumping arenas...

Universal Composts' horse show jumping surface, Greater Arena, for show jumping arenas is a revolutionary new medium. From cutting to dressage, this show jumping surface can be used in a full range of show jumping arena routines. This show jumping surface is a proven and high quality solution for your entire show jumping arena surfacing needs.

Show jumping surfaces that absorb impact...

Contrived from a material initially designed for under children's playground equipment, the Greater Arena horse riding surface provides a soft and springy surface which absorbs the impact of your horse. Many show jumping surfaces can inflict unnecessary strain on horses' legs and ankles due to constant tendon over-stretching. Our show jumping surfaces allow a smooth ride on top with minimal shoving characteristics.

This horse riding surface is the product for you and your child's safety! In alignment with our safety-surfacing objectives, our show jumping surface, Greater Arena, can aid in minimising injury in the event of a fall from a horse. The unique method of production results in a fluffy medium that acts as a shock absorber.

Horse riding surfaces that are an all-weather medium...

  • This show jumping surface provides for an all-weather medium, which can withstand a full range of work.
  • This show jumping surface is a highly durable, organic medium (durability class 1) which is free draining and very low in dust.
  • Universal Composts' show jumping surfaces are long-lasting spongy show jumping arena mediums which promise to care for your equine assets.
" Greater Arena has proven to be a most reliable and long lasting product, standing up to the heavy wear of up to 60 horses a day." Kelly Handford, Scone TAFE

"...Since the arena has been put in, I have been in the saddle every spare moment. Now for the news that you need to hear, as you know we have been getting a great deal of rain. Guess who is the only person that can work her We have had torrential rain, wind and bloody hot weather and I have been able to ride through it all!....People are very impressed with the arena, I will get all his ribbons on my horse and send up his portfolio with a photo. That arena was the best investment i have EVER made (besides my horse)." Helen and Omaru Artemis

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