Soil Conditioner - a versatile alternative to worm compost...

Universal Composts, Australia, supplies new-life, a high quality organic soil conditioner. New-life is an excellent alternative to worm compost that can be used directly as a garden soil or to enrich existing soils.

Soil conditioner from an Australian soil conditioner supplier...

Universal Composts' organic soil conditioner, new-life, accelerates and enhances plant growth in all indoor and outdoor plants. Our soil conditioner is rich in microbes and humus. Through complex chemical reactions, the microbes actively break down organic matter unlocking essential nutrients and plant food. Soil conditioner also allows for a plants root system to move more freely and absorb even more nutrients, resulting in richer colour and a greater yield or bloom. Substantial response can be achieved within as little as 4 - 6 weeks, depending on conditions and the amount of soil conditioner used.

Features of soil conditioner:

Soil conditioner vs worm compost...

Our soil conditioner makes a perfect alternative to worm compost. Rich in organic nutrients, minerals and microbial activity, our soil conditioner can be used immediately or stored and used during the gardening season. The soil conditioner can be directly mixed with your potting soil or garden soil or can be used as a top dressing for your indoor or outdoor plants.

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