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Universal Composts is an organic fertilizer supplier based in New South Wales, Australia. We supply a high quality organic fertilizer, new-life, that can be used directly as garden soil or used to enrich existing soils. Our organic fertilizer helps home gardeners and landscapers achieve a healthy soil for growing vegetables, flowers, lawns, trees and shrubs.

Organic matter is the "lifeblood" of any fertile soil. An organic fertilizer allows the soil to provide better water retention and nutrient holding capabilities. After repeated usage, organic fertilizer will help to condition the soil by raising the organic matter content levels through the growth of humus and increased microbial activity. As an experienced organic fertilizer supplier, we recommend our organic fertilizer, new-life, as the choice for sandy soils where nitrogen and other nutrients are leached quickly past the plant root zone. Similarly we recommend our organic fertilizer for heavy clay soils due to its "Clay Breaking" characteristics. The organic matter will free compacted particles allowing for better drainage and a more friable soil. As a result plant roots will be able to move more freely, and harness available nutrients within the soil. Universal Composts' Organic fertilizer is 100% natural, non-toxic and environmentally safe. It poses no danger to your family, pets, wildlife or the environment.

Features of organic fertilizer:

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Our organic fertilizer is a proven, high quality fertilizer for all domestic and commercial needs. As an established organic fertilizer supplier, we can supply a complete range of organic gardening products for small domestic to large industrial landscapes. As our organic fertilizer is made using stringent quality controls, we are able to confidently guarantee uniform quality every time you buy.

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