Cypress mulch and organic mulch - alternatives to rubber mulch...

Cypress mulch - the complete mulching solution...

Cypress mulch is one of the leading decorative mulches used by landscapers throughout NSW and QLD. Consisting of organic, pulverised cypress bark and/or woodchip, our cypress mulch (uni-mulch) holds its colour for an extended period and is a quality alternative to rubber mulch. The cypress mulch is termite resistant, very easy to spread and will not blow away. It is particularly useful on slopes and steep terrain. Where other mulches tend to slide, our cypress mulch holds together due to the diversity in particle size.

Universal Composts is a leading manufacturer of the weed-free cypress mulch, uni-mulch, in Australia. We also manufacture specific grades of cypress mulch, tailored to suit individual needs. We are the distributors for other landscaping products including organic mulch.

Organic mulch - for nutrient and water retention...

Organic mulch increases humus in the soil and assists with nutrient retention. Organic mulch provides your plants with all the essential elements and improves your garden soil through microbial and worm activity. Organic mulch can be employed as a water-saving measure as it has high water retention properties. Our organic mulch product, uni-mulch, is a proven, high quality mulch for all domestic and commercial needs.

From small domestic to large industrial landscapes, we can supply a complete range of landscaping products in any quantity. If we cannot supply the amount you require, we will put you in touch with our nearest distributor who can.

Features of cypress mulch and organic mulch:

"I have been buying uni-mulch from Universal Composts for the last two years. I have found it to be a very high quality mulch, which retains its colour for a long period of time and helps to keep moisture in the soil and slow down the growth of weeds. I sell over a dozen mulches and have chosen to use this mulch at my own private residence. In my personal opinion, I think it looks the best of all the mulches". Barry Locock (Turtle Landscape Supplies, Sydney)

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